5 Helpful Strategies When Playing Bingo

Bingo isn’t just a game played by your grandmother or great uncle. In fact, bingo is in the midst of a real resurgence all across the world. While most notably known as a game played by senior citizens in the United States, recent statistics have led to increasing numbers in Italy, Germany, Romania, Asia, Australia, Sweden, and the U.K. (among other places).

While it appears to be a game which is largely based on luck, that isn’t necessarily the case. Players can form strategies which may give them a better chance at becoming successful. This piece will speak about five of those strategies.

Pick Your Hours Wisely

Picking when you play bingo is beneficial in a number of ways — whether it involves in-person bingo or digital bingo over a computer, phone, or tablet. Simply put, the player has a much better chance at winning when the games do not occur during peak hours.

In other words, it makes sense to play in an environment where there are less people to compete against. The odds for the player winning versus 25 people go up considerably from — say — 100 competitors. Applying this axiom during in-person bingo really comes from experiencing the lay of the land for the specific bingo hall. One should be able to gauge when most people show up, and thus when the hall is on the emptier side.

Don’t Duplicate

When purchasing bingo cards, one should be looking actively at the numbers shown. One can increase their chances at winning by picking cards that don’t duplicate the numbers that are shown on their other cards. By operating this way, the user has more of a chance to have numbers called on at least one of their cards.

Buy Multiple Cards

This one is a no-brainer. By buying more than one card — whether it be two or twenty — the player will get more bites at the proverbial cherry (aka better odds at winning a jackpot).

A simple calculation could dictate how many cards a player will buy. This involves tabulating the number of cards available, as well as the number of players in the said game. However, a player should buy as many cards as one is comfortable with purchasing.

Create The Best Environment Possible

One has to be in the right mindset when playing bingo. If in person, it might behoove the player to sit in somewhat of an isolated position as opposed to in a large group of people. Being able to focus and concentrate without distraction will allow for the player to not make any potential mistakes.

Duly, playing digital bingo from the comforts of one’s home needs to be done in a serene, quiet environment. If one’s playing bingo for fun, this might not matter. However, those serious about taking home some real money likely will want to put all of their attention on the caller.

Median Numbers

While not completely proven by scientific data, many play bingo under the premise of the Tippett theory. This theory believes that numbers tend to fall more towards the median (also known as the perfect average). If a game involves numbers from 0-99, the median would fall somewhere between 44-45.

This theory normally applies to games with a wheel of balls — though many online players also use it frequently.